Trays to Go

Enjoy your favorite La Terrazza Entrée by ordering Trays To Go menu


Garden Salad  1/2 Tray $30  Full Tray $60
Assorted greens, cucumbers & tomatoes

Tri Color 1/2 Tray $35 Full Tray $70
Arugula, radicchio, and endive with balsamic vinegar & olive oil

Caesar 1/2 Tray $35 Full Tray $70
Classic Caesar salad with garlic croutons

Seafood Salad 1/2 Tray $75 Full Tray $150
Shrimp, scungilli & calamari mixed with celery, olives,roasted peppers and onions in vinaigrette

Fresh Mozzarella Salad  1/2 Tray $65 Full Tray $130
Fresh ciliegine mozzarella mixed with onions, sun dried tomatoes,and artichoke hearts in vinegar and oil


Stuffed Mushrooms  1/2 Tray $35 Full Tray $70
Stuffed with fresh herbs, seasoned breadcrumbs and vegetables

Mozzarella En Corozza 1/2 Tray $35 Full Tray $70
Mozzarella between two slices of bread, egg battered, fried, served with fra Diablo and spicy marinara sauce

Fried Calamari 1/2 Tray $55 Full Tray $110
Tender rings of calamari served with a spicy marinara sauce

Hot Antipasto 6 portions half 12 portions full 1/2 Tray $80 Full Tray $160
One shrimp, two clams oreganto, two stuffed mushrooms and eggplant rollantini

Eggplant Rollantini 1/2 Tray $45 Full Tray $90
Stuffed with 3 cheeses, topped with tomato sauce, melted mozzarella

Mozzarella Caprese 1/2 Tray $55 Full Tray $110
Mozzarella, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto sauce

Cold Antipasto 1/2 Tray $70 Full Tray $140
Fresh mozzarella, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, prosciutto, olives and imported salami

Clams Casino  1/2 Tray $55 Full Tray $110
Whole clams topped with sautéed bacon, peppers and onions

Clams Oreganato  1/2 Tray $55 Full Tray $110
Whole clams topped with seasoned breadcrumbs

Crabmeat & Mango Salad (8 half / 16 full)  1/2 Tray $105 Full Tray $210
Lump crabmeat, mango, tri colored peppers, mixed with remoulade sauce served in an avocado with crispy wonton chips

Rice Balls (12 half / 24 full)  1/2 Tray $70 Full Tray $140 
Traditional rice balls, with 3 cheeses, chop meat, & peas,in Fra Diavolo sauce

Sausage & Broccoli Rabe 1/2 Tray $60 Full Tray $120
Italian sausage broiled & served with broccoli rabe sautéed in garlic and oil

Short Ribs 1/2 Tray Market Price Full Tray Market Price
Delicious short ribs simmered in its natursl juices (off the bone)

Lobster & Shrimp Quesadilla (3 half / 6 full)  1/2 Tray $70 Full Tray $140
Tender chunks of lobster & diced jumbo shrimp, sautéed with a chipotle sauce, served with guacamole, sour cream & salsa


Penne Pomodoro 1/2 Tray $40 Full Tray $80
Pencil point pasta with fresh tomato sauce, basil, garlic and oil

Penne Alla Vodka 1/2 Tray $45 Full Tray $90
Pencil point pasta in a light tomato and cream sauce

Gluten Free Penne Alla Vodka 1/2 Tray $50 Full Tray $100 
Pencil point pasta in a light tomato and cream sauce

Penne Primavera 1/2 Tray $40 Full Tray $80
Penne pasta with mixed vegetables sautéed with white wine,garlic and oil

Farfalle Giabretti 1/2 Tray $50 Full Tray $100
Bowtie pasta in a tomato cream vodka sauce topped with fresh mozzarella, zucchini and asparagus

Rigatoni Lisa 1/2 Tray $50 Full Tray $100 
Penne pasta, roasted eggplant and fresh mozzarella in a tomato sauce

Baked Ziti 1/2 Tray $45 Full Tray $90
Penne pasta baked with cheeses and topped with melted mozzarella in a marinara sauce

Tortellini Alfredo 1/2 Tray $50 Full Tray $100
Prepared in a fresh cream and cheese sauce

Cheese Ravioli 1/2 Tray $50 Full Tray $100
Fresh cheese ravioli served in a marinara sauce

Mac N Cheese 1/2 Tray $50 Full Tray $100
Fresh Homemade Mac-n-cheese with traditional elbow pasta

Rigatoni Buttera 1/2 Tray $55 Full Tray $110
Ground hot sausage, onions, and peas served in a vodka sauce served over rigatoni

Cavatelli & Broccoli 1/2 Tray $50 Full Tray $100
Our own homemade macaroni, sautéed to perfection with broccoli in a rich garlic sauce

Penne Sausage & Broccoli 1/2 Tray $55 Full Tray $110
Penne pasta sautéed with sliced sausage, broccoli, garlic and oil

Penne Bolognese 1/2 Tray $55 Full Tray $110 
Pencil point pasta topped with chop meat and spices in a zesty Marinara sauce


Fussilli Con Polli & Broccoli 1/2 Tray $75 Full Tray $150 
Curly pasta with tenders of chicken, fresh broccoli, grated cheese, garlic and extra virgin olive oil

Chicken Parmigiana 1/2 Tray $75  Full Tray $150 
Breaded chicken cutlets topped with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce

Chicken Francese 1/2 Tray $75 Full Tray $150 
Breast of chicken dipped in egg, sautéed in lemon, white wine and spices

Chicken Marsala 1/2 Tray $75 Full Tray $150 
Breast of chicken, sautéed with mushrooms and Marsala sauce

Chicken Alla Romano 1/2 Tray  $80 Full Tray $160
Breast of chicken sautéed with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, white wine, garlic and oil

Chicken Teriyaki 1/2 Tray $75 Full Tray $150
Tenders of chicken sautéed with a zesty teriyaki sauce and broccoli

Chicken Scarpariella (off the bone) 1/2 Tray $75 Full Tray $150
Sautéed in white wine and garlic with potatoes and pepperoncini peppers

Chicken Piccata 1/2 Tray $75 Full Tray $150
Boneless breast of chicken sautéed in lemon butter and white wine

Chicken Sorrentino 1/2 Tray $80 Full Tray $160
Boneless breast of chicken topped with prosciutto, eggplant, and mozzarella in a brown sauce.

Chicken Campagnola 1/2 Tray $80 Full Tray $160
Grilled chicken breast topped with sautéed onions, peppers,mushrooms, tomatoes and potatoes

Chicken & Asparagus 1/2 Tray $80 Full Tray $160
Tenders of chicken sautéed with asparagus and mushrooms in a light marinara sauce served over penne

Chicken Fingers & French Fries 1/2 Tray $75 Full Tray $150
Full tray of homemade chicken fingers served with a half tray of French fries and a zesty honey mustard sauce

Chicken Wings Market Price
Prepared fried, hot, soy and ginger, and barbeque served with blu cheese and celery


Zuppa Di Clams 1/2 Tray $45 Full Tray $90
Clams served in our own light marinara sauce

Zuppa Di Mussels 1/2 Tray $45 Full Tray $90
Mussels served in our own light marinara sauce

Lobster Ravioli 1/2 Tray $75 Full Tray $150
Lobster ravioli in a prosciutto & scallion pink cream sauce

Shrimp Francese 1/2 Tray $85 Full Tray $170
Shrimp dipped in egg sautéed with lemon butter sauce

Shrimp and Scallop Scampi 1/2 Tray $95  Full Tray $190
Broiled in lemon, white wine, garlic and oil over angel hair pasta

Salmon 1/2 Tray $85 Full Tray $170 
Prepared to your liking poached, broiled, pesto or oregenato

Salmon Balsamico 1/2 Tray $85 Full Tray $170
Sautéed with artichoke hearts & roasted peppers served in a sherry wine and balsamico sauce

Sole 1/2 Tray $85 Full Tray $170
Prepared Francese, broiled or oregenato

Shrimp Parmigiana 1/2 Tray $95 Full Tray $190
Breaded shrimp topped with melted mozzarella in a marinara sauce

Capellini Arugula & Shrimp 1/2 Tray $85 Full Tray $170
Shrimp sautéed with arugula and fresh Pomodoro sauce


Veal Parmigiana 1/2 Tray $100 Full Tray $200
Breaded veal cutlets topped with mozzarella cheese and our own special marinara sauce

Veal Francese 1/2 Tray $100 Full Tray $200
Veal dipped in egg, sautéed in lemon, white wine and spices

Veal Marsala 1/2 Tray $100 Full Tray $200
Veal, sautéed with mushrooms and Marsala sauce

Veal Picatta 1/2 Tray $100 Full Tray $200
Veal sautéed in a lemon butter sauce topped with capers


Sausage and Peppers 1/2 Tray $70 Full Tray $140
Homemade sausage and peppers served in a light marinara sauce

Rigatoni Buttera  1/2 Tray $60 Full Tray $120
Ground hot sausage, onions, peas served in a vodka sauce served over rigatoni

Swedish Meatballs 1/2 Tray $50 Full Tray $100
Delightful mini meatballs prepared in a zesty brown gravy and sour cream sauce

Italian Meatballs (12 half / 24 full) 1/2 Tray $45 Full Tray $90
Fresh homemade Italian meatballs served with a zesty marinara sauce

Italian Meatballs Parmigiana (12 half / 24 full) 1/2 Tray $50 Full Tray $100
Fresh homemade Italian meatballs served with a zesty marinara sauce topped with melted mozzarella

Blackjack Sirloin Market Price
Sliced sirloin topped with a Jack Daniels, sautéed mushrooms and crushed peppercorn sauce

Steak Pizzaiola Market Price
Sliced sirlon topped with a mushroom, marinara and melted mozzarella sauce

Filet Mignon Market Price
Sliced filet mignon broiled o perfection and served with a port wine reduction and mushroom caps

Vegetables and Sides

Grilled Asparagus 1/2 Tray $50 Full Tray $100
Asparagus topped with sautéed shitake mushrooms

Vegetable and Potato Medley 1/2 Tray $40 Full Tray $80
Baby carrots, green beans and red roasted potatoes

Grilled Vegetables 1/2 Tray $50 Full Tray $100
Grilled asparagus, zucchini, eggplant, portobello and tomatoes

Yellow Rice  1/2 Tray $25 Full Tray $50

Broccoli, Garlic and Oil  1/2 Tray $35  Full Tray $70

Broccoli Rabe, Garlic and Oil 1/2 Tray $40 Full Tray $80

Spinach, Garlic and Oil 1/2 Tray $35 Full Tray $70

Roasted Red Potatoes with olive oil and rosemary 1/2 Tray $30  Full Tray $60

Vegetable Crudités 18” round tray with broccoli, $65
cauliflower, celery and carrots served with ranch dressing

Bruschetta $2 each 
Potato Croquettes $6 each 
Quart Vodka Sauce $15
Quart Marinara Sauce $12
Quart of Salad Dressing $10
Italian Bread with Butter Patties $6 
Wire Chafing Rack yours to keep $8 each
Sternos $3 each 
Aluminum Water Holding Pan yours to keep $3 each 

Half trays feeds 6 to 8 people